Friday, March 1, 2013

The Joy of living for him

My happiest moment in life was when i finally came to understand what God wanted from me. I cannot clearly define when that moment was, but i think i had it all along, until finally, i had to tell myself, the moment was right.
Becoming a Christian is not the easiest moment in one's life. You are making a commitment, not to the one above, because he could still reach others without you. You are making a commitment to yourself, because you are willing to let others know the man who lives inside of you.

As Christians, how are we suppose to live our lives?

We all have ways of defining what Christianity should look like, and we have ways of judging those who do to comply to our perspectives. We thus brand them and think all kinds of things against them.
When God gave Joshua the commandments, he said in Joshua 1:8, "Do not let this book of the law depart from your mouth. Meditate on it, day and night so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful."
How much different is that statement from the one Jesus gave us in the new testament. Go sell all that you have and you shall gain perfection.

I came not from a rich family, but i became rich in him whom i gave up everything to follow. I stopped living for myself and began living for him who gave me the strength.
Everyday, i asked for Wisdom, knowledge and understanding as i grew. In my last four years of University, i have grown tremendously in my walk with God and my fellowship with him.

When i got into the most amazing relationship, i struggle much in balancing attention. I finally realized that i was not the one to balance that relationship, but God himself. I began praying for God's wisdom to be instilled in me as well as Sandy. We were both off on a difficult, yet amazing adventure, which can only be best defined by God. When we got ourselves into trouble over what is right in a relationship and what is not right, and we had no place to turn to, God was right there to instill his peace in us.
His wisdom and knowledge trickled down into our hearts and minds, so that our heart was one in listening to his voice.
When the morning comes, i wake up looking forward to meeting new people, letting God run his will through me. Mornings when i wake up tired and unable to do my devotions, I whisper a thank you prayer for making me see a new day and a good rest. If i am still tired and don't feel like waking up, i complain on that bed to him who can hear me, and i decide whether i will be moody or happy on that day.
If i am moody, then everyone around me will feel it. When i see the smiles on others' faces, then it gives me more joy than i had expected that day.
The joy of the Lord is explicable when you finally find it and it flows through your every move, touch, speech and walk. God is love and without his love in us, we are nothing but empty vessels that find other means in achieving temporary joy.
His love endures forever no matter the situation. It gives you the strength to wake up amused about life.
Let us love flow through you

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