Friday, March 22, 2013

God's love and Supremacy (FRIDA aka Freedom)

This is a true story.

Here I am waiting for my little sister to come over for the weekend, unaware of the devil’s plans. Frida texted me in the morning, asking what time I will be at home and if I can leave the keys with my neighbours. I went through the day and came back home waiting for her. About 6:01P.M, she asked me if I was at home and I told her yes. I knew then that she was on her way to come home.
It is about 7:20 p.m and she is not yet at home, and I thought, maybe she has changed her mind. So I went into the kitchen and washed the dirty dishes, and was thinking of just having some smokies with bread and nice hot tea.
Just as I was finishing the dishes, she came in at 7:35 p.m. She was sniffling and I thought she was just joking, but she just told me.
“Come join me lets thank the Lord.”
I knew right then and there that something horrible has happened. As I finished and was running out to meet her, all I could think about was her parents. She is a blessing to them as well as to me. Whatever happened, she is here and I am so grateful to God that I won’t have to bear the tears on her parent’s face.
As I sat down next to her on the couch, I found no words for the tears I saw on her face. She would not talk and I wasn’t sure what to do, apart from praying for her. So I prayed for whatever happened and for God to give her strength and courage.
When I was through, she looked up and God and said “Papa, I hope you dong hear that oohhhh.”
She stomped the floor and said “Satan with your long tail. That is why you were banished from heaven. You don’t have power and you try to show that you have power, when you have nothing. You will never be anything, but a low life. He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world.”

Then she began her story.

After she was dropped in Daystar, she crossed over and took a Lang’ata mat for Uhuru Gardens. After they passed Kenyatta market and were about to cross the second fly over where Riara University is found, a honk was blown from behind them. The driver continue to go into the road.

As she turned around to see what was happening, she saw a truck in full speed behind them, and cars were giving way in all directions. Their driver stepped on the accelerator and passed between all the other cars ahead of the truck. Everyone in the mat thought they were dead.

She turned quietly in her seat and thought of how people will be thinking “Frida is dead,” and only tears began to fall.

Out of no where, the truck just stopped. It had lost it’s breaks and cars were flying to the sides, giving open space. There was no car between them and the truck when it was going down the hill after them.
After the story, I wanted to burst out in tears, but she gave me no chance at all. She talked of God’s awesomeness and how weak Satan is, thinking he can match up to God.
“I thank you papa God. It’s not because I am too righteous, but because you are my father.”

Let us join hands in thanking God for the gift of life.
If you think your life is all together without Jesus, think again.
Thank him you were able to wake up today, and are able to go back to bed again without a scratch on your body.

Her closing prayer was “You are my beginning and end. Take my hand and never let me go. Even if I fall, don’t let go off my hand.”

I thank God for her faith.

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